iConnectivity iConnectAUDIO2+

iConnectivity iConnectAUDIO2+

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What Makes iConnectAUDIO2+ Unique?

Other audio interfaces:
Simple analog in and out, maybe MIDI in and out as an afterthought. Support for only one computer. iConnectAUDIO2+ lets you do so much more....

The iConnectAUDIO2+ Difference

  • More versatility:
    iConnectAUDIO2+ adapts to the way you create music. Bring it with you to the stage or club, record with it live, use it in your studio.
    Leave your power supply at home.
    It's built like a tank, it sounds great, and it's highly affordable.

  • More power to create:
    Support for two computer devices gives you more power to create. More creative workflow. Easier collaboration.
    Who only has one computer these days? iConnectAUDIO2+ harnesses the power of two - at the same time.
    One plug brings your iPad into your workflow, or even another musician's computer. Automatic configuration make it easy to route audio and MIDI.

  • More flexible workflow:
    Designed for the way you work.
    Create with MIDI gear. Add your mics, instruments, and synths.
    Route your MIDI and audio everywhere. Sync everything without cables.
    It's the iConnectivity flexible workflow.

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