G Lab: Bass Wowee-Wah BWW-1

G Lab: Bass Wowee-Wah BWW-1

  • 36000

Guitar Laboratory (G Lab)

Bass Wowee-Wah BWW-1

Features Included

Full analogue circuitry with an increased voltage, which ensures functionality without distortion with switchable volume and tone parameters.

  • Photo element instead of potentiometer, which ensures smaller resistance to motion (thanks to that, the smaller effort allows you to operate the pedal faster) and allows greater reliability.
  • Click less TRUE BYPASS circuit that is based on photo resistors.
  • Power supply "switching off function" that protect accidental
    battery discharging after unplugging your cable Jack IN connector.
  • Backlighted indicators (on the left and right side of the wah-wah) visualising active mode of the wah-wah effect (yellow colour) to make it easy for you to find the wah-wah on a dark stage.
  • Regulation of the resistance to motion force (using the adjustment screw).
  • Casing with stainless steel and powder coated steel iron elements.
  • 9V supply from a battery or regulated adapter (9 V DC, 10 mA consumption).
  • Dimensions: (depth x width x height) 250 x 99 x 85 mm, weight - 1,4 kg.

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