Eminence: Patriot 620H-8 (Hemp Cone)

Eminence: Patriot 620H-8 (Hemp Cone)

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Eminence Patriot 620H-8 (Hemp Cone)

A perfect 6.5" replacement speaker for a bigger, fuller sound.

The little brother to the 820H, the Eminence 620H is a 4-ohm hemp cone speaker with warm, full and clean tone that will make a small, thin amp sound bigger and fatter. It is cleaner, warmer, fatter and has better definition than any stock 6.5" speaker.

Features Included

  • Power handling: 20W
  • Frequency range: 100Hz-5.3 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 94.6 dB
  • Diameter: 6.59"
  • Depth: 2.8"
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs.

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