Diago: Micropower9 (CLEARANCE!)

Diago: Micropower9 (CLEARANCE!)

  • 3500
  • Save $1000

Diago Micropower 9

is a smaller version of the Powerstation. Using the same low-noise, switch mode technology as its bigger brother, it'squiet, light, efficient, and tiny.

The Micropower9 serves as a perfect direct universal replacement for hundreds of other proprietary ugly, bulky wall warts, as well as being ideal for smaller pedal boards of up to 6 pedals, when used with the Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain.

For pedals that do not follow the Boss convention of 2.1mm, centre-negative barrel plugs, a wide range of Adaptors that allow the Micropower9 power virtually any pedal.

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